Standard Products

Digital Designs For Standard Materials

Standard Products blends an online interface, readily available materials, and digitally manufactured components to introduce a furniture series that reshapes the way home furnishings are designed, distributed, and manufactured.

Digital Interface: Work-In-Progress

Through an online platform designs can fluidly transform from adjustable-digital models to robust physical objects. Users will be given a role in creating their own products by adjusting dimensions and selecting materials that will define the finished products: Products which can be produced individually, locally, and with a short-chain of supply.

Exhibition and Campaign

The initial "Standard Products" collection will be presened during Dutch Design Week from 22 – 30 October, 2016 as part of the Kickstarting Dutch Design exhibtion at Kazerne.

The project will be seeking crowd funding on Kickstarter begining in mid-October. For more information, please contact: